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The self-serve dog-washing system has been developed
with the dog’s and the owner’s needs in mind.
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How It Works.

The iClean Dog Wash self-serve dogwashing system is a cabin, which helps the owner of a dog to groom their pet for a low price and with little effort. Every component of the device has a special task and supports dog owners in providing the necessary care for their pets.
Due to the bent or kneeling position during the wash at home, people often complain about pain in the back or knees. To prevent the problems the iClean Dog Wash has been designed to be ergonomically beneficial.

See Just How Easy It Is

Operation is Simple.

The iClean Dog Wash is equipped with a big 11-inch touchscreen (iPad size). The HD touchscreen is protected with a Gorilla glass screen. The touchscreen computer has an Intel processor and a solid-state drive (SSD), which makes the system snappy.
The standard audio files are recorded by professional radio voice-over artists. You can even choose celebrity voices like Barack Obama or Arnold Schwarzenegger!

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For The First Responders!

All First Responder K9’s will receive FREE dog washes.

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