Dog Wash Tips

Tips For An Amazing Wash

The most important part of a dog wash is of course the shower.
If you have a long-coated dog, please use the grooming tools provided to ensure the coat is brushed out of any mats, tangles or knots. This will help ensure better results!
Remove any bandana’s or sweaters before putting your pet into the dog wash.
Start by pulling the latch to the left to unlock and open the gate on the tub. Help your pet into the tub by putting their front paws up first, then lifting the rear if needed.
Secure your pet in the tub with one of the stainless-steel hook ups located on either side of the dog wash.
Latch the gate securely behind them.
Please do not put more than one animal in the wash at a time.
Begin the process by touching the screen above the payment options and select your preferred language and celebrity.

Insert a token into the machine to get it started and follow the prompts on the screen. 

Once your pet is secured, choose the “Shampoo” option, #1. A lever is located on the back of the nozzle that will turn the water ON & OFF. Lift the lever to begin the wash. A combination of Shampoo and water will begin to flow out of the nozzle. Thoroughly massage the shampoo into and throughout the coat.
When your pet has completed the shampoo process, please select the “Rinse water” option #2, to wash out all the shampoo from your pet’s coat.
After a good rinse, please select the “Conditioner” option #3, to begin conditioning your pet’s coat. Thoroughly massage the conditioner into and throughout the coat.

When your pet has completed the Conditioning process, please select the “Rinse water option #2, to wash out all the conditioner from your pet’s coat.

If you choose to do the “Flea wash” Option #4, please note that you will rinse that option out.
Time to Dry! Please take one of the towels located next to the tub and thoroughly dry off the immediate water on your pet. This will help with the blow-drying process. Please feel free to use as many towels as needed.

Time to blow dry! Option #5 is a lower setting that is great for pet’s who may not be used to it. Thoroughly dry your pet from snout to tail!

Need more power? Option #6 is a higher setting that is great for pet’s who have adjusted to being blow dried or have no problem with a higher, faster setting.
Once your pet is completely dry from snout to tail, they can exit the tub. Please use the stairs for a safe dismount.
After your pet has vacated the tub, please “Disinfect” option #7, to ensure a clean tub for the next pooch!
Finishing Touches! Choose from one of our delightful Nootie or Fresh N’ Clean scents to top off your pets visit!
Have a great day with your clean pooch!

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