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Dog Wash Club Rules

In order to aid dog-owners with the task of keeping their dogs nice and clean we have some club rules we ask that you would follow.
Flagstaff Dog Wash

Please Read Before Using

  • 1. Members inside the club are not permitted to open the door for anyone. If you forgot your card, please contact us at 928-212-9298.
  • 2. If a Non-Member or patron who has not paid is let into the Club, the member who let them in will be responsible for payment.
  • 3. Single pet memberships are for one pet. If you wish to bring in more than one pet, please upgrade your membership before entering or risk of losing your membership entirely may occur. Honesty is always the way to go!
  • 4. The machines are started by tokens. Each token allots 15 minutes. Feel free to use as many tokens needed to accomplish your pets perfect wash!
  • 5. Be courteous of other members waiting to use the wash.
  • 6. Always have your pet safely secured with a leash while on club property.
  • 7. Ensure that the dog sprayer in the wash is OFF before exiting the club.
  • 8. Remove your pets hair from any grooming tool used before putting it back.
  • 9. Never walk away from your pooch while they are attached to the grooming table as they will want to follow you!
  • 10. Use care while cutting your pooches hair, especially around the face and ears!
  • 11. Sanitize The Dog Wash Tub after each use.
  • 12. Place all used towels in the bins labeled laundry.
  • 13. Vacuum up any loose hair that came from your pooch.

The Dog Wash

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